Volunteer with CASA

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services (DCS), due to overwhelming caseloads and responsibilities, finds it difficult, at times, to give a child's case an individualized and in-depth investigation. The CASA volunteer's involvement becomes essential in expediting the child's case through the judicial system. Children often lack continuity in DCS case managers, experience delays in foster placements, and their individual best interests become buried in the mechanisms of an overburdened system—all impeding their placement in a permanent, stable, loving home. Often times, the CASA volunteer is the only constant in the lives of these children. The CASA volunteer can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child. The CASA program provides the opportunity for caring adults to become actively involved in meeting the needs of the abused, neglected, and abandoned children in Wilson County.

If you are interested in joining the the group of elite volunteers in either county and want to make a difference, please contact us for more information about training classes and requirements. 

2016 CASA Volunteers

  • Holly Shorey
  • Michelle Brooks-Young
  • Jill Aulgur
  • Tim Avers
  • Sabrina Baskin
  • Shane Barrett
  • Freida Beazley
  • Hilary Daughtry
  • Roxie Bogart
  • Marilyn Bryant
  • Ashley Busby
  • Chris Cameron
  • David Chamberlin
  • Patty Chatfield
  • Tonya Cherry
  • Monica Dunnagan
  • Keith Edmonds
  • Kelly Miller Edmonds
  • Debra Elkins
  • Peter Fechheimer
  • Shannon Fry
  • Sherry Greer
  • John Gorman
  • Kristine Hampton
  • Madeleine Hess
  • Kristina Hibdon
  • Betsy Himes
  • Debbie Hobbs-Leftwich
  • Lisa Holt
  • Barbara Howell
  • Lucy Jackson
  • Debbie Jennings
  • Jennifer Katzenmiller
  • Kathryn Kranitzky
  • Ashley Lawrence
  • Lou Martinez
  • Frank McAvoy
  • Charles Morgan
  • Allison Morris
  • Ann Marie Nordgren
  • George Norrie
  • Diane Pelt
  • Janice Penny
  • Missy Perricone
  • Valerie Pittman
  • Kayla Ramos
  • Butch Reed
  • Shari Self
  • Marcus Stapleton
  • Rebecca Stapleton
  • Ken Sweeney
  • Anna Syler
  • Carol Thigpin
  • Heather Tryon
  • Woody Vardell
  • Denise Vermeulen
  • Kim Vitolins
  • Dee Wagner
  • Julie Wharton
  • Cheryl White
  • Mitzi White
  • Linda Williams
  • Judy Witgenstein
  • Donna Wittrig
  • Mimi Wren
  • Vicki Wuenscher


Wilson County CASA Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

2015   Ann Marie Nordgren
2014   John Gorman
2013   Roxie Bogart
2012   George Norrie
2011   June Thomas
2010   Marge Oyer
2009   Melody Weist
2008   Carolyn Tomlinson

In Memoriam


  • Donna
    Donna Mosher
    May 3, 1960-February 10, 2011
    Advocate: 1993-2011
    Board Member: 1996-2011

  • Peggy
    Peggy McKinney
    November 19,1950-October 15, 2008
    Advocate: 1998-2008
    Board Member: 2000-2008