Donate To Support CASA

Over a decade ago, community leaders saw a need for an inventory of community needs and resources. While donors were inundated with requests for contributions, they weren’t always confident about how their philanthropic dollars were being put to use. Local philanthropists envisioned a tool that would empower givers to understand the needs of the local nonprofit community, and to feel confident in their philanthropic investments.  The Community Foundation of Middle TN provided the community with Giving Matters. Check out Wilson County CASA here at Giving Matters.

CASA needs your donations to better serve our children and provide them the services so greatly deserve, please donate today.


Pays for 1 child to have a CASA volunteer for one year.
You can pay for one child to have a CASA volunteer for an entire year.
You can provide 12 hours of in-service training for a volunteer.
You can provide the required National CASA curriculum needed to train 5 volunteers a year.
Set up a recurring monthly donation of your choosing.
Give a one-time donation to help CASA and our advocates.